Nebraska, Michigan, Illinois, Oklahoma, Iowa And Indiana

Floods In The Heartland

  • Storms and near record rainfall have caused the region’s three major rivers to flood, inundating communities from Nebraska to Michigan and Illinois to Oklahoma, driving tens of thousands in to shelters, shutting businesses and closing interstate highways.
  • Waters that used to surge and recede have stayed around, swamping millions of acres of farmland and devastating the planting season. The amount of land farmers are being prevented from sowing by the water is estimated to be as much as double the previous record of 3m acres of corn, set in 2013. The worst-hit states include Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska and Indiana.

Heartland Mission


Nebraska, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Oklahoma

The Heartland

  • Farmers and neighbors in parts of Nebraska Wisconsin, Illinois, Oklahoma and Iowa lost everything, their homes and farmers lost their crops and farm animals drowned, most will not recover. Some farmers lost 75% to 80% of stored crop, hundreds of millions of dollars lost, leaving them unable to support their families or pay the farms expenses. With your support we can help people in the heartland and support our farmers. Disaster Relief Charity Donate!

  • People affected may receive assistance through our website We advertise our financial assistance services through google to reach as many people as possible. When we reach our donation goal, we will deliver needed goods and services. Disaster relief during tornadoes, floods, etc. 

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  • Taxpayer Identification Number: 45-3088713 501 (c)(3) All donations are tax deductible.
  • Missouri Disaster Relief Charity

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