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  • Our Mission is to help improve the lives of people during disasters, homelessness, cancer and education.
  • Your generous gift will help us fund our mission to help those in need. Together, we can make a difference.
  • 100% of your donation will go towards our mission.
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  • Taxpayer Identification Number: 45-3088713 501 (c)(3). All donations are tax deductible. 
  • Acknowledgement Letter: Donors giving more than $250 dollars will receive  an acknowledgement letter. 
  • Disclaimer: There is no guarantee, specific result and results may vary. 
  • Opulent Philanthropy Inc. Founded 2011
  • DAF Donor Advised Fund Click The Link Below:
  • https://bit.ly/2WddMkA 

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The Big Four

Disasters - Homelessness - Cancer- Education

Ordinary people don't see themselves as heroes but, when you are down and out and hopeless, and someone from out of the blue make a donation and it reach someone who is homeless, hungry, lost everything in a disaster, need medical treatment for a cancer they cannot afford, or in a far away place were they cannot receive an education and you help, you are their hero.   

Public Welfare: Disasters can destroy homes and uproot people lives and change them forever. With your support when people lives are destroyed we will provide them everyday necessities to start over.

Education: (I-Kids) Providing poor children around the world with internet access and computers to give them a better chance to succeed.  

Public Welfare: Homelessness there are over a half million people in the United States. People become homeless for different reasons, they may lose their jobs, the cost of living may go up and cause them to lose their home, and drugs and alcohol may impair their ability to function on a job.

Health: Cancer in 2018, there will be an estimated 1,735,350 new cancer cases diagnosed and 609,640 cancer deaths. We support those with cancer by providing gifts and financial support. 

Our Mission Opulent is dedicated to providing  financial assistance to people with cancer, shelter and food to the homeless, shelter, food and housing rebuilding assistance, and helping to educate children around the world. 

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee, specific result and results may vary. 

OpulentUSA Message: Never stop believing in yourself. We find the most happiness in working for a cause greater than ourselves. 

Vice President D. Jackson 

Opulent Philanthropy was founded in 2011 by: Ron Dewitt from several of his life experiences he chose to support. Being homelessness, having cancer, losing everything during disasters and wanting to help children that are less fortunate. Opulent Philanthropy Charity Donate!

Opulent Philanthropy Inc.
501 c3 Charity Organization

Opulent Philanthropy Inc. www.opulentusa.org 501 c3 Charity Organization

We Are One

When disasters cancer, homelessness or educational assistance strike we are here! Check out this video!

Opulent Philanthropy Inc. Charity Donate!

Charity Responsibilities


Disaster Relief for hurricanes, providing shelter, food, and water  donate! Charity 501 c3

  • Hurricanes has cost the East Coast and Gulf Coast billions of dollars, ruined countless lives, flooded millions of peoples homes. Our storm relief services helped save many lives. Opulent Philanthropy Charity Donate!


Disaster Relief for wildfires, providing shelter food and water donate!  Charity 501 c3

  • Wildfires have destroyed many homes and during these dangerous fires we provide disaster relief to the homeless. Opulent Philanthropy, Charity Donate!


Shelter, food, water for the homeless donate!  Charity 501 c3

  • Homelessness: We will give you a place to start over, getting back to normal is much easier with a helping hand. Our services will help you get back on your feet were you can begin to feel normal again. Opulent Philanthropy Inc. Charity Donate! 


Providing rebuilding assistance after disasters donate!  Charity 501 c3

  • Rebuilding: Providing help when you need it the most. Fires, the wind, floods will destroy everything in their path. We want to help you put your property back together again. Opulent Philanthropy Charity Donate!

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Education I-Kids

Providing poor children with internet access, books, computers. Donate! Charity 501 c3

  • Providing poor children around the world with internet access and computers to give them a better chance to succeed. Opulent Philanthropy Inc. Charity Donate!

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Breast Cancer

Support breast cancer providing financial assistance. Charity Organization 501 c3

  • We want to be there for you. Healing can be a long process and along the way we want to provide our services to make your day easier.
  • Medical bill assistance..
  • We will provide financial assistance through PayPal or other payment services.
  • Opulent Philanthropy Inc., Charity Donate!

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Opulent Blog

Charitable Contribution Information

Charitable Contribution Information Charity Organization 501 c3

Opulent The Right Organization

Learn how to get the biggest  tax savings when making charitable contributions of cash, checks or credit card.

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IRS Approved 501(c)(3)

Opulent Philanthropy Inc. 12223 Briar Forest Dr., Houston TX, 77077 has been IRS approved. Therefore, your donation is deductible. You may go to IRS Exempt Organizations select check. This site allows you to enter the name and location of an organization and find out instantly if it qualifies. Opulent Philanthropy Inc., Charity Donate!   

Validating Your Donation

When making a donation on our site your credit card card statement with our name and amount you donated is valid to receive your full deduction from the IRS. 

As with all itemized deductions, timing is everything. You can take the deduction for your contribution in the year that you make it. For example, if you donate to Opulent on, or before December 31, you can write it off on that year's tax return. If you charge the donation on your credit card, the write-off is claimed in the year the charge is made, even if you don't pay the credit card bill until the following year.  Opulent Philanthropy Charity!

Donations Have Limits

There is a limit on how much you can deduct. IRS rule is your contribution to public charities, colleges and religious groups can't exceed 50 percent of your Adjusted Gross Income (AIG).  Opulent Philanthropy Inc. Charity Donate!

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