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  • Support victims of the storm.
  • Gizaw Gedlu slowly walked through his Richardson home Monday, assessing damage as the sun shined through large holes in the roof.
  • The night before, he and his sister Mena hid in the bathroom as they heard loud crashing as a tornado swept through the area. And then the wind blew open their locked door.
  • Now he can see the sky through openings in two bedrooms and the living room. Pink insulation litters the floor like snow and his belongings are tossed around. But the kitchen and garage are just as he left them.
  • “It’s like a war zone, a disaster,” said the 71-year-old. “It’s gone. It’s unbelievable.”
  • Social media video showed a large funnel cloud over Dallas as the storm moved through the city, and photos showed numerous structural collapses and heavy damage to homes.

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Dallas Tornadoes

Support Victims Of Dallas Tornadoes

Dallas Tornadoes

People Helping People

  • Support Victims of the storm.
  • A tornado left a miles-long trail of heavy damage from northwest Dallas to Richardson late Sunday, and the National Weather Service was investigating reports that other funnel clouds had hit the area.
  • The city of Dallas said early Monday that there had been no reports of deaths or serious injuries. First responders had been going door to door in some neighborhoods to check on residents. Police and fire crews began assessing damaged structures through the night.
  • Parts of northern Dallas, including the Love Field area, were hit especially hard.
  • The National Weather Service will survey the damage Monday and confirm the storm’s strength, but some early estimates suggested wind speeds were well over 100 mph.

Support For Atatiana Jefferson's Family


Atatiana Jefferson


  • Providing support for the family.
  • Atatiana Jefferson, was a Pre-med graduate of Xavier University. She was very close to her family. She was the auntie that liked staying up playing video games with her 8 year old nephew. She worked in pharmaceutical equipment sales. Her mom had recently gotten very sick, and she was home taking care of her mom . There was no reason for her to be murdered. None. She was shot by an officer, Aaron Y. Dean, who was standing in her backyard with a flashlight and a gun.  He resigned on Monday, hours before the police chief had planned to fire him. 


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Support Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal

Support Deputy Sandeep Harris County Sherriff Killed In The Line Of Duty

Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal,

Support Dhaliwal Kids' Educational Endeavors

  • Support Dhaliwal kids' educational  endeavors, unforeseen expenses.
    Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal, the Harris County Texas Sheriff’s Deputy who was killed in the line of duty during a traffic stop, made a historical first on the department when he was allowed to wear his turban on patrol because of his Sikh religion. 

Deputy Sandeep Memory

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Tropical Storm Imelda Houston And Beaumont Flood


Houston And Beaumont Flood

Tropical Storm Imelda

  • Providing Food, water, shelter and support for cleanup and debris removal to those effected by the storm in Houston, surrounding areas and Beaumont.
  •  Worst flooding I've ever seen': Torrential rain wreaks havoc in Texas communities.
  •  Dangerous flash flooding is wreaking havoc in Texas with the remnants of Tropical Storm Imelda dumping massive amounts of rain overnight and into the morning.
  • The torrential rain prompted a full ground stop at Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport on Thursday morning. The airport later reopened but officials warned of flooded roadways and delayed flights.
    More than 33 inches of rain has fallen in the town of Hamshire, Texas, since Tuesday -- and over 25 inches of that rainfall was overnight.
  • In the small town of Winnie, Texas, the conditions are "horrible," with rapidly rising floodwaters making roads impassable, Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne told ABC News as the rain pounded down Thursday.
  • A declaration of disaster has been issued for Jasper County due to continued rainfall and winds caused by Tropical Storm Imelda.
  • Conditions have created an imminent public safety hazard and residents are encouraged to take any measures necessary to ensure their individual safety.

Mass Shooting Odessa Midland

Support Odessa/ Midland Victims of Mass Shooting

At least 21 shot, 7 killed in Odessa, Midland

Mass Shooting Odessa

  • Support the victims and their families during these horrible times.
  • At least 21 people were shot and 7 people were killed Saturday in a series of shootings in the area of Midland and Odessa, Texas.
  • Prior to the vehicle coming to a complete stop, the male driver (and only occupant in the vehicle) pointed a rifle toward the rear window of his car and fired several shots toward the DPS patrol unit. The patrol unit was occupied by two Troopers, and one was hit by the gunfire.
  • The tally of victims included three injured law enforcement officers.
  • Disaster Relief Charity Donate.

El Paso Mass Shooting


El Paso, Texas Walmart Shooting

Mass Shooting

  • Want to join me in making a difference? I'm raising money to benefit El Paso Walmart Shooting victims, and any donation will help the victims of the massacre. Twenty people were killed and more than two dozen injured. Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much the innocent victims.
  • Opulent Philanthropy Inc., will provide assistance to victims of this tragedy. We will be helping victims with their medical bills at El Paso Children's Hospital, Del Sol Medical Center and University Medical Center of El Paso.
  • Our Mission is to help improve the lives of people during disasters. 
  • Your generous gift will help us fund our mission to help those in need of shelter, food, medical bills and rebuilding assistance.
  • $50 dollars provide 300 meals, $200 provides shelter for 20 people, $250 provides patient assistance to 10 people, $500 dollars provides rebuilding assistance. 
  • Invest in a healthier future for people injured during disasters. Leave a note, when checking out, to assure your donation is applied to the program of your choice.  
  • Your donation helps support people during unexpected disasters it pays for deductibles, patient care and treatment. Thank you for your support! Leave a note, when checking out, to assure your donation is applied to the program of your choice.  
  • 83% of your donation will go towards disaster relief. 
  • Donate: $1 - $5 - $10 - $25 - $50 - $100 - $250 - $500 - $1000- $5000- $10000
  • Taxpayer Identification Number: 45-3088713 501 (c)(3) All donations are tax deductible.
  • Opulent Philanthropy Inc. Founded 2011 
  • Leave a note, when checking out, to assure your donation is applied to the program of your choice.  

El Paso Walmart Shooting

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  • Taxpayer Identification Number: 45-3088713 501 (c)(3) All donations are tax deductible.
  • Texas Disaster Relief Charity

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