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Chabad Synagogue Shooting

Chabad Synagogue Shooting Disaster Relief Charity Donate! Charity Organization 501 c3

  • Support the victims of the Synagogue shooting.
  • Synagogue shooting one killed and three injured in suspected hate crime. A gunman started shooting in a synagogue in California, injuring 3 and killing 1 Lori Kaye moved in front of the shooter to save the rabbi.  
  • Kaye, 60 years old , was killed at the synagogue and died at the hospital. Also  least three others were injured in the shooting Saturday at Congregation Chabad in Poway, north of San Diego. Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, 57, hand was injured during the shooting when Kaye got between him and the gunman. The rabbi tried to defend himself by reaching out with his hands and wounded both of his index fingers, a doctor at the Palomar Medical Center said.  
  • The gunman came armed with an "AR-type assault weapon." A person who seen the shooting told CNN affiliate KGTV there were five or eight shots followed by terrified people screaming and then another round of shots. The suspect is in custody.
  • Suspect John Earnest is presently attending California State University San Marcos.

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California Wildfires

California Wildfires Disaster Relief Donate! Charity Organization 501 c3

  • California wildfires are destroying more property each year, therefore we are raising money to help people Disaster Relief Charity Donate!

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Support Homelessness Los Angeles 60,000 people without shelter Donate! Charity Organization 501 c3

  • Support Homeless Assistance for the poor.
    According to homelessness counts between 2010 and 2017, the number of homeless people across Los Angeles County went from 38,700 to over 55,000 – an increase of 42%.  Many factors contributed to such large increases in homelessness, including Los Angeles County’s housing supply issues.  This is particularly significant given that over half of Los Angeles County residents are renters. More people are sleeping in their cars and in tents and other makeshift shelters. Tents are all across the city. Many suburban neighborhoods do not want shelters in their neighborhoods, they are concerned about their home values.

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Disaster Relief Wildfires

California Disaster Relief Wildfires Donate! Charity Organization 501 c3

  • Disaster Relief Charity Donate. Providing shelter, food and water. 

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Rebuilding Assistance

California Rebuilding Assistance Wildfires Donate! Charity Organization 501 c3

Rebuilding assistance to help you get back in your home. Disaster Relief Charity Donate!

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Shelter During The Disasters

California Shelter During Disasters Donate! Charity Organization 501 c3

  • We provide shelter for people affected during disasters. Disaster Relief Charity Donate!

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  • California Disaster Relief Charity

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