Supporting The Horn of Africa- Locust Devouring Crops

The Horn of Africa Locust Infestation

Supporting The Horn of Africa- Locust Devouring Crops

Food Crisis Disaster Relief

A locust infestation in the Horn of Africa is bringing about one of the worst food crises in the region in more than 70 years, officials have warned. 

In the past few weeks, locusts have swarmed Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, and most recently South Sudan, devouring crops and pastures. There is always a risk when you have people in acute food insecurity that famine is not very far. In a day locusts can devour enough food to feed some 34 million people. Opulent Philanthropy Inc. is raising funds for the areal spraying of pesticides to save crops and provide food.

The Horn of Africa Locus Devouring Crops

Homes submerged under water

100,000 Children Displaced

More than 200,000 people, half of them children, have fled their homes following massive floods that have left most of a town in central Somalia under water.

People have been evacuated using tractors and boats from neighborhoods that have been submerged in water in Beledweyne town after days of rainfall and flooding, the charity said. Thousands of residents in makeshift camps are in desperate need of food and water.

Support Victims of Somalia Floods

Support Victims of Somalia Floods 

Yaounde, Cameroon Landslide 42 Killed

Save The Children

Yaounde, Cameroon A 12-year-old girl was among those pulled out alive from the wreckage of a landslide that has so far killed 42 people in western Cameroon.

Her father, Tabou Victor had gone to bed on Monday night with his four children, three girls and a boy, when part of his house collapsed in Bamoungoum village near the regional city of Bafoussam.

Rescue workers also recovered the bodies of 26 children and four pregnant women from scene of the disaster, a medical official said. Save The Children

Support Victims of Cameroon Landslide.

Support Victims of Cameroon Landslide.

Ebola Outbreak Africa Donate To Disaster Relief

Ebola Africa

Ebola Kills 9 Year Old Girl

  • Support Our Mission  Ebola
  • Opulent is helping to provide medical equipment to Liberian hospitals serving populations in high-transmission zones. We hope to restore the routine health services that have been disrupted by the Ebola epidemic. We are helping to reach hundreds of thousands of Liberians with life-saving information.
  • With 3,000 cases and 2,000 deaths recorded since the outbreak was declared August last year 2018, the Ebola outbreak in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has reached another troubling milestone, the World Health Organization said on Thursday.
  • While the vast majority of infections remain in DRC's North Kivu Province, in recent weeks the virus has spread to neighboring South Kivu Province and the transit hub of Goma along the border with Rwanda.
  • It was the threat of cross border transmission that led the WHO to declare the outbreak a "Public Health Emergency of International Concern" last month as responders looked to refocus their efforts in combating the spread. 
  • Africare / projectcure


Canary Islands Fire, Spain

Additional Information

  • MADRID — Hundreds of firefighters were struggling on Tuesday to bring under control a forest fire on one of the Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago off the northwestern coast of Africa, as the blaze forced the evacuation of about 9,000 people. We are providing food, water and shelter. Disaster Relief Charity. 


Africa Disaster Relief

Support Southern Africa Cyclone Idai

  • Massive Cyclone Idai Hit Southern Africa , more than a thousand feared dead. Humanitarian crisis, water reached 20 ft. high, entire neighborhoods wiped out. They need food, water, medicine and shelter. Cyclone Idai, a category-4 tropical cyclone caused massive damage in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi, killing more than a 1,000 people. Disaster Relief Charity Donate

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